Data Breach Information

Per HIPAA Breach Notification Rule 45 CFR 164.400.414 , this to notify,

We regret to inform that our practice has discovered a potential breach of some of our patients' personal health information. We became aware of this breach on 7/14/2017. We believe information containing name, appointment time and reason for visit might have been viewed by unauthorized individuals.

We are continuing to investigate and will notify further notifications if necessary.

We are committed to lessen the harm this may have caused you.

To protect against such breaches in the future, we have strengthened our security systems and are investing in making our information systems more secure.

We apologize for the stress and worry this situation may have caused you. We are committed to keeping your information safe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this incident or if you need additional information on what you should do as a result of the breach, please call toll free number 1-877-208-9700.