If your answer is "yes" to 2 or more of these questions, we strongly advise that you visit us and we will do a thorough check up:
•Do you have a history of heart disease?
•Are you a woman over age 55?
•Do you have relatives who had heart disease or a heart attack?
•Do you smoke?
•Are you overweight or have a waist circumference 35 inches or more?
•Are you sedentary?
•Do you have diabetes?
•Do you have high blood pressure?
•Do you have high cholesterol?
•Have you had high blood pressure (preeclampsia) during pregnancy?
•Does you diet lack fruits and vegetables?
•Do you feel breathless or get chest pain with activity?
•Do you have kidney disease?
•Do you have hardening of the arteries in your legs?
•Have you ever had a stroke or  a mini stroke (TIA)?
•Are you from a high risk ethnic background such as African American or Hispanic?


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