Healthcare Industry Representatives

Athens Heart Center and Specialty Clinics recognize that Healthcare Representatives are a key piece of our practice. We enjoy working alongside these representatives to improve and maintain the health of our patients.

Our Mission

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At AHC and Specialty Clinics, we do all we can to help our patients. This includes early adoption of new evidence-based therapies, connecting our patients with third party healthcare companies, and harboring an open and friendly environment for partners and business collaborators.

There are multiple ways to connect with AHC and Specialty Clinics. To register to collaborate with us and begin a mutually beneficial partnership,

Having luncheon at AHC and Specialty Clinics is a great way to sit down together and discuss collaboration. If you would like to register for a luncheon,

We know you have the same foundational goal as us: to help all patients get the services and products that can improve their health. Our Physicians Circle for Patients (PCP) program works to connect patients with low-income assistance programs so that no one is barred from the best therapies.