There are a variety of assistance programs available for patients that cannot afford procedures and/or medications. Many pharmaceutical companies will offer their medications to patients in need at little or no cost and will work directly with our doctors to ensure the patient receives the medication they need.

Our patient assistance program is know as Physician's Circle for Patients. Located in our Athens office, they will work with any patients that need financial assistance to get the best care available. In the event a patient cannot afford office visits or medical procedures, they will be asked to come into our office to be evaluated by Dr. Agrawal, who, if the patient qualifies, will be able to give the patient discounted or free care (in the form of tests, procedures and/or office visits) for up to a year. Any discounts or services given are at the sole discretion of Dr. Agrawal and there are no specific "requirements" that must be met. For more information call our offices or ask at the front desk during your next appointment.

To identify if you qualify for our PCP program, please visit the Federal Poverty Line site, (Here) and determine where you stand as far as your annual income is concerned. If you are below 200% of the federal poverty line, then you may qualify for low income assistance. You need to bring proof of income and discuss your needs with staff at Physicians Circle for Patients.