Volunteer, gain clinical experience, and improve your application to professional health programs.

Athens Heart Center and Specialty Clinics (AHC&SPC) values education and personal growth, and provides unparalleled opportunities for individuals seeking healthcare exposure. Whether you are a college student applying to medical school, a retiree looking to give back to your community, or simply need to improve your resume with clinical experience, AHC&SPC provides diverse and valuable possibilities.

Volunteering at AHC&SPC

We provide all manner of volunteer opportunities at all our clinics and locations. We tailor your experience to suit your needs - whether they be direct clinical hours for PA school applications or nursing programs, support for our low-income assistance program, or Saturday clinics, just to name a few. With locations in Athens, Danielsville, and Lavonia, you can find an opportunity close to you.

To inquire about volunteering, at AHC&SPC, contact:

Human Resources

Athens Heart Center and Specialty Clinics

2005 Prince Avenue

Athens, Ga 30606

Phone: 706-208-9700

Email: callcenter@ahcspc.com