Have a visit with your Doctor coming up? Feeling nervous about test results, medications, or your procedure? Read on to get a few helpful tips of how to deal with those pre-appointment jitters. We would love to get the most out of your visit and minimize your wait. Sometimes we may not be quick, but we are well worth the wait. We do everything in our power to make your time with us as productive as possible.


First and foremost, check your appointment time and date. Our Call Center will call you a few days before to confirm the appointment and that you are able to make it! If you don’t hear from us before, call our front desk! They would be happy to look up your appointment and will make sure that you receive the best possible care. If you're not able to make your appointment, we can reschedule it, just let us know.
Get copies of your recent medical records/test results from other doctors. Since your last visit with us, you may have seen other physicians who have done some tests on you. We REALLY want to know what those tests are so we do not repeat them. Please let your primary care physician know you are coming to see us. Call their office or tell them to send your records and lab tests to our office. This will help our Doctors take the absolute best care of you and make sure we don’t order any tests you’ve already had done, saving you time and money!
Write down any symptoms if you have them or any important discussion points, sometimes it’s easy to forget until that pain comes back! Included if you know your cardiac “risk factors” Include those! If you don’t, no problem! We are more than willing to help! Risk factors include: Hypertension, tobacco use (Do your best to be honest, we won’t judge!), raised blood glucose (diabetes), physical inactivity (Exercise is great for your heart and it’s never too late to start!), diet, cholesterol/lipids, weight and possibility of obesity and finally, any family history that you think might be relevant!
Write down a list of the medications, vitamins or supplements you’re taking, including the dosage! If you’re unsure or especially if you’re on new medication, bring the bottles in, we’ll write it all down for you. The important part is that we can go over your medication and help you to minimize any side effects and optimize treatment.
Write down any questions, concerns or requests you have for your doctor, your happiness is our goal! We will do everything in our power to make sure you leave happy and healthy.
If you have a patient portal with AHC&SPC you can go over your chart and send a secure message to us or your discussion points. This way we can find it when it comes time for your appointment.

Day of the Appointment

Bring your questions and medications, preferably in a plastic baggy or something similar so nothing gets lost! We strive to be more than your health care providers. We want to be family friends, confidants. Remember, anything you tell us will never leave the exam room. We care about you immensely, no question is dumb or embarrassing. Please discuss freely your diet, exercise, sex, sleep and disabilities as well as your future goals.
Bring a notebook and pen/pencil if you think you’ll want to take notes. Sometimes doctors don’t realize their patients can’t keep all these medical terms and stuff organized!
Bring a friend! Or family member, or spouse, it doesn’t matter! It’s always good to have a trusted advisor with you, sometimes they can ask questions you would have never thought of.
Learn about our Patient Portal ,ask our staff, they’d be more than willing to help. If this is your first time visiting our practice, make sure to tell us why you’re here!
After the appointment is over, make sure to ask your doctor if there are any new files or notes he would like you to have. Our doctors stay so busy, sometimes they forget!
Remember to renew prescriptions at least until the next appointment, and make sure that it is sent to your preferred pharmacy. We want to make getting healthy easy for you, so help us out! If you’re worried about any possible medication interactions or dietary changes, ask your doctor.
Book your follow-up appointment! The doctor should tell you how soon you need to come back in, or if you need to at all. When you check-out, we will give you a paper with your next appointment printed on it, or if you would prefer, we can email it!
Make sure you fully understand what the doctor is asking of you and how your treatment plan will work. Patients play an important role in their doctor's visits, as they are the ones who have to live with the outcome!
If you are having financial difficulties, please discuss this with your physician, you may qualify for assistance programs through our Physicians Circle For Patients Non-Profit. We are glad to help you get the care you need. You should have some kind of proof of income to justify any low income assistance programs that could help you.
If you are a medicare patient, ask for a description of the chronic care management and preventive services offered to all medicare recipients.
For your after hours emergencies or questions, we have a call center that is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Your health and satisfaction is our priority.
Don’t forget to fill out your visit survey at the checkout desk, and if you remember you have unanswered questions then the checkout desk can get you back to your doctor’s to complete the visit. We do not want you to go home with unanswered questions. Our appointment card which has 24/7 after hours call support. You must call us early if you develop any sort of new symptoms or sickness so that we can help you avoid serious problems or emergency room visits
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